Orange Daylily Care

Orange Daylily flower bloom

Orange daylily or Hemerocallis fulva, a species from the Hemerocallis genus belongs in the Hemerocallidoideae subfamily of the Asphodelaceae family … Read more

Nemesia Care

Nemesia in pots seeds garden spring care

Nemesia, a plant genus from the Scrophulariaceae family, consists of annual, perennial, and sub-shrub plants that are indigenous to South … Read more

Maidenhair Fern Care


The maidenhair fern, Adiantum, a genus of roughly 250 fern species belongs to the subfamily Vittarioideae in the Pteridaceae family, … Read more

Lacecap Hydrangea Care

lacecap hydrangea pink pruning best time

Lacecap Hydrangea or Hydrangea macrophylla, a species of plants from the Hydrangeaceae family is indigenous to Japan, growing in seaside … Read more

Knautia Care


Knautia, a genus of plants in the Caprifoliaceae family, is commonly called crimson scabiosa and is indigenous to Central Europe. … Read more

Kangaroo Paw Care


Kangaroo Paw or Anigozanthos, a genus belonging to the bloodwort Haemodoraceae family is indigenous to Australia. The genus contains 11 … Read more

Kalanchoe Care


Kalanchoe, is a tropical genus of around 125 succulent species from the stonecrop Crassulaceae family. While they are mainly indigenous … Read more

Transvaal Daisy Care


Transvaal daisy or Gerbera jamesonii, a species of the Gerbera genus of plants belonging to the Asteraceae (Compositae) family, is … Read more