Lily of the Valley Care

Lily of the Valley summer flower seed growing in pots

Lily of the valley or Convallaria majalis, a plant from the Convallaria Genus in the Asparagaceae family, is indigenous throughout … Read more

Vinca Care


Vinca, a genus of plants from the Apocynaceae family, is indigenous to Europe, Africa, and Asia. These plants are 3 … Read more

Creeping Jenny Care 

Creeping Jenny garden pot ideas spring summer care

Creeping jenny or Lysimachia nummularia, a species of plants from the Primulaceae (primrose) family is indigenous to Europe but naturalized … Read more

Wallflowers Care

wallflowers plant purple flower bloom summer pot seeds

Wallflower (Erysimum) a genus of plants from the Brassicaceae or cabbage family includes more than 180 species consisting of wild … Read more

Scorpion Grasses Care


Myosotis, informally called forget-me-nots, a genus from the Boraginaceae family, named “mouse’s ear” in Ancient Greek, was first scientifically described … Read more

Fritillaria Care

fritillaria orange flower plant how to care spring bloom

Fritillaria, a genus of perennial plants from the Liliaceae (lily) family has around 130–140 species distributed between eight subgenera. The … Read more

Forsythia Care


Forsythia, a genus of plants from the olive Oleaceae family, contains 11 species, mostly from Asia, except for one species … Read more

Hyacinth Care

how to care for Hyacinth flower summer propagation

Hyacinthus or Hyacinth is a genus of fragrant spring-blooming perennials belonging to the Scilloideae subfamily of the Asparagaceae family although … Read more

Weigela Plant Care


Weigela, is a genus of 11 species of shrubs from the Caprifoliaceae family, along with other species like Honeysuckles, Valerians, … Read more