Variegated Rubber Plant Care


Ficus Elastica Tineke or Variegated Rubber Tree is indigenous to Southeast Asia— specifically the Himalayas, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The regular … Read more

Purple Wandering Jew Care


Tradescantia zebrina, formerly Zebrina pendula, a perennial spiderwort variety, is sometimes called inch plant, but it’s more frequently called wandering … Read more

Venus Flytrap Care


Dionaea muscipula or the Venus flytrap, an indigenous subtropical species of carnivorous plants from the east coast wetlands of the … Read more

Haworthia Succulent Care


Haworthia comprises a large group of small succulents from the Asphodeloideae (Aloe) subfamily. They are indigenous to Southern Africa, with … Read more

Calathea Medallion Care


Calathea roseopicta ‘medallion’, is a perennial tropical plant indigenous to the Amazon rainforests of South America, growing under dense shade … Read more

Cast Iron Plant Care


Aspidistra elatior or cast iron plant, indigenous to Taiwan and Kuroshima, Uji and Suwanosejima islands of south Japan, is a … Read more