Allium Care


Allium, a large genus of garlic- or onion-scented bulbous plants from the (amaryllis) Amaryllidaceae family, is found almost everywhere in … Read more

Lupine Care


Lupine or lupinus, a genus from the Fabaceae family, are indigenous to North Africa, the Mediterranean, and both American continents.  … Read more

Tulip Care


The tulip (Tulipa), is from the Liliaceae family, with about 75 species divided among 4 subgenera because of the variability … Read more

Aquilegia Care


Aquilegia or columbine, is a perennial genus of around 70 species of plants belonging to the Ranunculaceae (buttercup) family. They … Read more

Helleborus Orientalis Care


Helleborus orientalis (Lenten rose), a perennial flowering species of hellebore from the (buttercup) Ranunculaceae family, is indigenous to Turkey and … Read more

Japanese Anemone Care

Japanese anemone flower seeds spring care

Eriocapitella japonica, a perennial species of plant belonging to the (buttercup) Ranunculaceae family is indigenous to Asia, specifically China. The … Read more

Lamium Maculatum Care


Lamium maculatum or spotted dead-nettle a species of plants from the Lamiaceae (mint) family, is indigenous to temperate Asia and … Read more

Bletilla Care

bletilla flower care outdoor bloom

Bletilla or urn orchid, a genus of temperate, terrestrial orchids with five recognized species, is distributed through Japan, China, Taiwan, … Read more